Winter Date Night: 30 things to do this Winter

It is the holiday season and this is the best time of year for all of the coziest winter date nights. Between the snow and the anticipation leading up to Christmas, this season adds a special level of love and romance. I have made deciding which winter date night to do this holiday easy by providing a list of all of the greatest winter date nights you can do during the holiday season.

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1. Classic Christmas Movie Night

During the holidays, the likelihood of you already watching your favorite Christmas movies is high. Why not do it with your partner? Watching classic Christmas movies together is the perfect opportunity to share your favorites together, or to discover classics you’ve never seen. (PS. Make sure to check out The Ultimate Christmas Movie Bracket to find out which Christmas movie reigns supreme!)

2. Cutting down your Christmas tree

Go and pick out that perfect fir and bring it home. Maybe go and get some new decorations for the tree and start a new tradition as a couple.

3. Go ice skating

Brave the ice, don your skates, and glide hand-in-hand across the rink. It’s sure to be a memorable and cozy time. It might even be hilarious especially if one of you has wobbly knees like baby giraffe’s.

4. Gift wrapping date

This is one of the many date nights that Christmas basically gives to us on a silver platter Gift wrapping can be an annoying chore. Do it with your partner and make it a game. See who can wrap the gift the fastest or the neatest. Throw in some holiday adult beverages and you’ve got a fun time!

Winter date night: person wrapping white gift box

5. Have a wintery indoor picnic

The cold weather means it’s nice to be indoors. Do everything that you would normally do on a picnic, but inside.

6. Enjoy a candlelit meal in the comfort of your home

As always, cooking together is the perfect way to bond as you create a meal that will nourish you both. There are so many amazing recipes this time of year that you can try!

7. Take a spa day

Don’t let this holiday season get you down with all of the stress. Have a spa day! Massages, facials, and relaxing. Sounds like heaven to me!

8. Create the ultimate Christmas playlist

This is the perfect time to find out what Christmas songs your lover truly adores. You’ll have a great time getting to know them a little bit more and you’ll have a playlist ready for year to come!

9. Write each other some “Open when” letters for the coming year

This is such a fun way to bond and plan for the next year. You’ll be surprised with what your partner may come up with.

10. Attend a party or event

The holidays are the perfect time to dress up. Plan a night where you both splurge on a fancy night out. There are plenty of black-tie parties, galas, or benefits this time of year that you can attend.

11. Escape to a romantic Christmas destination

If you’re anything like me, I think that Christmas is all about snow and cold temps. I lived in Florida for most of my life and the hot winters that we had just wouldn’t cut it for me. If you can swing it, try going to a romantic Christmas destination where you are bound to strengthen your relationship and fall more in love this holiday season. It doesn’t have to be a snowy destination either. Try checking out a tropical location as well!

12. Have a holiday photoshoot and create holiday cards

Taking holiday photos together is a great tradition to start. There are hundreds of awesome poses out there to choose from, I have a few that I think are especially cute. Check those out here. And if you;re looking for a cost effective way to send holiday cards this year check out Paperless Post. I wrote all about my experience with this great company here.

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13. Make a naughty and nice list

Make lists of how naughty or nice your loved one has been this year and dole out consequences accordingly. Keep it light and fun and the two of you can have a fun and sexy winter date night.

14. Group game night

I am a strong advocate for group date nights. This winter, invite a group of friends over for a Christmas-themed game night. You can listen to Christmas music while playing games and eating and drinking together.

15. Christmas craft night

Christmas is a time to do many different crafting projects. You can make some DIY Christmas decor, put together handmade Christmas gifts for loved ones, put together a gingerbread house, string popcorn for the tree, or even paint wooden ornaments.

Spend some time this season putting something together with your significant other. The act of creating something will definitely cement your bond and you’ll feel proud of your joint work as a team.

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16. Christmas people watching

Christmas can be the busiest time of the year. One of my favorite things to do is go people watching. Grab your favorite warm beverage and find a bench to park yourselves on and watch the people pass. Try sitting near a mall Santa so you can see the excitement of the children getting to meet Santa.

Try chatting with your partner and guessing the stories of the people you see go by.

17. Have a simple, quiet Christmas night

Nothing beats having a simple night at home. Grab a warm blanket, some hot chocolate, delicious snacks, and books to read side-by-side. You’ll feel so relaxed and refreshed after! Don’t pass up your opportunity to take it easy for a few hours during this busy season.

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18. Attend a Christmas concert

Christmas is the time for all of the orchestral and choir concerts. Make it a priority to go to one of these together. Hearing some of the classic carols and tunes performed live is a wonderful part of the season, and it definitely qualifies for a very romantic winter date night.

19. Christmas movie drinking game

This is a fun one for a night when you’re both ready to let loose and have some fun.

You can basically make up any rules you want for your Christmas Drinking Game, but a few suggestions would be to take a sip every time someone says “Santa” or “mistletoe” or whenever snow falls during the movie.

20. Go on a Christmas light road trip

I remember as a child my parents would round both my brother and I and we would go driving through neighbors to spot all of the Christmas lights and decorations. Take your significant other for a drive in search of the prettiest Christmas lights out there.

You might have to do some research before to make sure you’re going to the right areas. Don’t forget to make a Christmas playlist before hitting the road.

21. Take a midnight walk

Cam and I love going on walks and love late night walks. It’s the perfect time for us to bond as there is little to no movement or noise around us.

22. See the Nutcracker ballet

This is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was little. I’ve never seen the Nutcracker live before and I think it embodies the spirit of Christmas. It doesn’t even have to be a professional performance. Go and watch your local high school or ballet school perform this Christmas classic.

23. Make fireside s’mores

There is never a wrong time to make and enjoy s’mores. December is the month when most people are lighting fires to stay warm. Take some time to roast some marshmallows and make gooey-delicious s’mores together.

24. A cozy coffee shop date

If you’re both big fans of coffee, head on over to a local coffee shop. They’re super cozy and even if you only have a Starbucks nearby, you can still enjoy each others’ company. You can read books, engage in deep conversation, or plan out the next activity. Be sure to slow down during this busy season to enjoy the company of the one you love.

25. Take a sleigh ride

This is something that I’ve always dreamed about doing. You’ve seen it done in movies, why not do it with the one you love? If you’re in a snowy region, chances are good you can find a local place that does this. If not, you might find a horse-drawn carriage ride to give you a similar winter wonderland experience.

26. Go sledding

This one is almost a no-brainer. Sledding isn’t just for kids! Go out there and have a blast.

27. Cuddle animals at a local shelter

Shelter animals can never get enough love and cuddle. Take some time this winter to do and share some love with the animals at your nearby shelter.

28. Create your own Christmas cocktails

If you’re anything like Cam and I, you love to be creative and silly in the kitchen. Plan ahead with a bunch of seasonal ingredients like peppermint and see who can create the yummiest Christmas drink.

Winter date night: white ceramic mug with marshmallows and cinnamon

29. Go to an ugly Christmas sweater party (or host one)

Ugly Christmas sweater parties have become a staple every holiday season. You can look everywhere for an ugly Christmas sweater. I’ve had a ton of luck looking in thrift shops or in Goodwill. If you just can’t seem to find one, make one yourself. If you haven’t been invited to one, consider hosting one of your own for the perfect winter date night with friends.

30. Have a cookie baking party

Bake a ton of cookies of all different flavors and varieties. When you’re done, keep some of your favorites, and deliver the rest of the cookies to friends and family, or take some to a local nursing home or homeless shelter. If you’re looking to do other random acts of kindness together be sure to check out my Advent calendar of Random Acts of Kindness.

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I hope you enjoyed these winter date night ideas! If you try any of them out, please let me know! I love hearing from other couples! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Don’t forget to vote in The Ultimate Christmas Movie Bracket!!

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      Definitely nothing wrong with that! Date night can be with anyone! I’m so glad that you liked this!

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