Couple Holiday Photoshoot Ideas: The Cutest Photos Ever!

If you and your honey have not already taken your holiday photos, look no further. I have partnered with my dear friend, Jessica of Coffee and Cream Photography and you are about to be the envy of all of your friend with these cute couple holiday photoshoot ideas.

Jessica is a mom of three beautiful babies and she showcases her world of motherhood through her photography as well as through her incredible blog!

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Background Info

So, I asked around on all my social media platforms to see if any photographers wanted to be featured on my blog. I got a few replies, but not many were able to help me out.

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I got a message from Jessica and it literally made my entire day!! At the time, she didn’t have any holiday shoots lined up, but she was going to see if she could find a couple that would fit the bill of what we were looking for.

Not even 30 minutes later she was messaging me back saying that she found a couple and they would be shooting in 5 days just for me!!! I was blown away!

Y’all!!! When you see these photos, you will understand how blown away I was. Jessica literally went above and beyond and captured the perfect moments.

I still find myself staring at these gorgeous photos. I have been sharing them with all of my friends and family that I’ve come in contact with since she sent them to me.

Jessica truly captured the joy and love between this couple. They’re laughing and having a great time. Honestly, I think you should be trying out these poses with your significant other.

If you try any of these out, please tag me of Jessica in them so we can see. Let me know if you’d like to see any others used. Also, let me know if you’d like to be featured in this post!

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Couple Holiday Photoshoot Ideas

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