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Christmas Advent Calendar: Random Acts of Kindness

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It is the holiday season and nothing makes me feel like it’s the holiday season more than by giving back. It is the reason for the season isn’t it? Many people try to follow an advent calendar during this time. This one will cost you little to nothing.

I think today’s society has become so focused on receiving and not enough on giving. I love giving to others.

This holiday season; don’t look at giving as one thing on your checklist that you can cross off.

However you do it, make true giving an ongoing mentality. Be an angel to someone this holiday season, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Don’t let a tight budget be your reason to not brighten someone’s day.

Christmas Advent Calendar

Here are simple ways to give back to others that will cost you little to nothing but will fill your heart with so much joy.

There is one for every day leading up to Christmas Day. Try to do one a day and you will feel so much better about yourself and you may be the catalyst to a chain reaction of people giving back. (Scroll to the end to find a downloadable Advent of Kindness calendar).

If you try any of them or stick to them every day use the hashtag #joatadventofkindness and you could be featured on my Instagram.

  1. Do something kind for yourself
  2. Feed Animals (birds, deer, etc.)
  3. Tell someone you love them
  4. Tell a joke to make someone smile
  5. Let someone in front of you in line
  6. Donate unwanted clothes to charity
  7. Offer to help someone
  8. Hold the door open for someone
  9. Write or send a thank you note to someone
  10. Give someone a hug or compliment
  11. Do something unexpected for someone
  12. Tape some money on a vending machine
  13. Let a car in front of you in traffic
  14. Smile at a stranger or two or 15
  15. Hide a happy note for someone to find
  16. Pay for a stranger’s coffee
  17. Donate a Christmas present to charity
  18. Get in touch with an old relative or friend
  19. Donate unwanted books to charity
  20. Smile and thank someone who serves you
  21. Buy a friend or colleague coffee
  22. Make a handmade Christmas card
  23. Give a friend or loved one your full attention
  24. Give a treat to your postal carrier
  25. Reflect and record how much joy this season brought you
Christmas Advent Calendar with random acts of kindness
Download your advent calendar here

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  1. Absolutely love this idea!!

  2. Jackie Espada says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. I like this calendar. Will have to create something similar with the little one using the ideas.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Thank you! I hope it turns out well for you! 💜

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