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Holiday Cards and Invitations Made Easy

It’s that time of year where you will be sending and receiving holiday cards. Why not make it easy and less expensive by sending them online? I recently discovered Paperless Post and I think that they are the new way of sending holiday cards while also saving the planet!

My grandfather is the holiday card sending king. Every year he spends hundreds of dollars on stamps and cards and to be honest, I’m sure 99% of those cards get thrown in the garbage. This means that my grandfather wastes all of this money on sending cards and the cards ultimately end up in a landfill somewhere.

When I first found out about Paperless Post, I figured it would be the best way for him to be able to send his holiday cards while also cutting down on his carbon footprint.

Holiday Cards: About Paperless Post

Paperless Post is an e-commerce company focusing on design-driven online and printed stationery, including greetings, invitations, birth announcements, wedding suites, and custom stationery. Paperless Post partners with leading fashion designers including Kate Spade New York, Kelly Wearstler, and Oscar de la Renta.

When you sign up for Paperless Post, for free, you’re automatically given 25 “coins”. You can also buy coins, starting at 25 for $10. Coins can be used to purchase online cards and add premium options like envelope liners and logos.

Paperless Posts offers a variety of free, customizable cards. There are plenty of beautiful invitations and greeting cards for all types of occasions and events.

My favorite part is that the cards can come with an envelope so it makes the recipient feel like they are opening an actual card.

Paperless Post: My Experience

The website is easy to navigate and they have a plethora of cards that you can make. They have cards for all different holidays, birthdays, weddings, parties, and even have something for professionals.

Since it is almost time for Christmas, I decided to go with a holiday themed card.

Holidays Cards: Paperless Post offers a variety of holiday cards

I went to the University of Central Florida and our school colors are black and gold. I find every opportunity I can to rep those colors. So why not make a holiday card with those colors as well?

I saw this design and thought it was perfect!

My mom’s favorite photo of my brother and I is one from 2 Christmas’ ago. So I used that image.

Holiday Cards: Creating an e-card that is perfect for any occasion

Paperless Post has a super easy to use text editor that has a bunch of different text fonts that will allow you to customize your card with the exact text that you like. I loved how they organized the texts by font style. They also have tons of text colors to choose from.

The best part is you can add your own logo to any design! This makes sending business related mail super easy and convenient especially if you want to send something to your blog subscribers!

Next up is choosing an envelope! I loved this because it added that feeling of it being an actual card, but its on your computer!

Personalize your envelopes

For just 1 coin each, you can change the envelope color, envelope lining design, and the backdrop color.

No envelope is complete without a stamp and a Postmark. Paperless Post allows you to change the stamp to a cute stamp for just 1 coin. They have different options for a variety of occasions. You can also change the Postmark on the stamp for free! I especially loved that they have different postmarks for the different states.

Add cute stamps and postmarks

The best part about Paperless Post is their ability to have RSVPs sent back to you via the invitation and you can request mailing addresses. This is especially convenient for birthday and wedding invitations.

RSVP and collect return addresses like a charm

Paperless Post: Sending out the Cards

Paperless Post makes it extremely convenient to send out the cards. You can add peoples’ contact information to your Paperless Post address book for easy access or you can just go ahead and insert the name and email address of the person that you intend to send the cards to.

Easy to use system that will send out your e-cards to all of your family and friends

For just 5 coins per person, you can send out your personalized card to everyone you wish to send it out to. What I really loved is that it tells you when each person has opened their card.

Track each of your cards and know when a person has opened it up

It will also keep track of the replies that you may receive back.

Holiday Cards: Wrap Up

All in all I think that Paperless Post will be a platform that I use to send cards and invitations to events going forward. It cuts down on the hard work that goes into preparing and sending invitations. Plus, it saves you a ton on postage and cuts down on the trash.

If you have any questions about Paperless Post, please feel free to let me know and Ill try to help as much as I can.

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