Fall Date Night: 40 things to do this fall

We are officially in the middle of fall and that only means one thing, DATE NIGHT! I think fall is the perfect time to have a date night because the weather is perfect to be outside to enjoy all things pumpkin spice.

If you’re stuck on things to do for an upcoming fall date night, check out these 40 fall date nights. Make sure you read all the way to the end as there is a bonus date night that I think we should be doing all year long.

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1. Enjoy a bike ride on a crisp, sunny day

It doesn’t beat going outside when the weather is the most nice and getting some exercise with the one you love.

2. Comfort each other through a haunted house

Fall calls for all of the spooky and scary haunted houses. This will break the ice and allow for the two of you to rely on each other to get through the haunted house.

3. Go to a football game

There are so many different types of football games to go to. Don’t limit your options to just college or professional teams. Check out your local high school on a Friday night. It’s the perfect low-budget date night that you more than likely don’t have to travel far for.

Football game - man and woman wearing Atlanta Falcons gear at Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Atlanta Falcons v. LA Rams 10/20/19

4. Have a pumpkin beer taste test

It’s fall y’all! Enjoy everything pumpkin spice before it’s too late. I’m not a huge fan of beer, but I am usually always a fan of pumpkin beer. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try making your own pumpkin beer with this Smashing Pumpkin Amber Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit.

5. Go on a road trip somewhere with amazing foliage

Take advantage of the gorgeous fall views and take a quick road trip to somewhere that has amazing fall colors. Some places that I wish we could road trip to include: Aspen, Colorado, Vermont, or Napa Valley.

6. Share stories of your favorite childhood Halloween memories

Get to know each other better by sharing stories from your childhood. You just never know what you might find out!

7. Build an indoor blanket fort

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Nothing beats a blanket fort! If I could, I would have a blanket fort up at all times. They make watching tv and movies so much more fun. It also adds style to a room.

8. Bake a seasonal pie together

You can’t have fall without apple and pumpkin pie. Those scents just scream fall.

9. Stay in bed all weekend long

Keep it simple. Stay in bed all weekend long and laugh, talk, and enjoy each others’ company. This one is especially for hardworking couples’. AKA everyone because we all work hard!

10. Take a hot air balloon ride

A hot air balloon ride is a great way to take in massive amounts of scenery at once.

11. Go to an arcade

Return to your youth with a visit to a video game arcade. A great place to check out is Dave and Buster’s. Compete with each other and try to beat each others’ scores.

12. Book a candlelit couple’s massage

This would be the perfect date night for any season and especially if you decide to surprise your partner.

13. Rake the leaves, like adults. Then jump in the leaf piles, like kids.

Try being productive and tackling a fall chore together and making it a super fun activity together.

14. Create a new fall cocktail, play music, and dance around the kitchen.

Together, you can toast to a fantastic fall and slow dance to some sweet music. You don’t have to stick to slow dancing either. Enjoy being around each other and made a signature drink to commemorate the moment.

15. Make a scarecrow

Build a super cute scarecrow together using straw, a stake, and a set of clothing of your choice. Use it to decorate your yard or garden and show everyone that comes by what you can create as a pair.

16. Turn your home into a cozy fall cabin

This can literally be done in just about style of house or apartment. Get creative and use lights and unique fall touches to make your place feel like a fall fantasy.

17. Make some autumn crafts

Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest! There are literally a million crafts that you can do with your partner. Awaken your creativity by crafting together. Even if you’re terrible at DIY crafts, you can bond over your humorous shared attempts.

18. Visit a Renaissance Festival

Fall is the season of renaissance fairs and festivals. Nothing beats playing dress up and toasting with a cup of mead.

19. Watch a few of your favorite scary movies

Scary movies and cuddling? Sounds like a winner to me! You can comfort each other during the really scary parts.

20. Pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch

Go find the perfect pumpkin and carve it together. Or you can pick two pumpkins and have a carving contest.

21. Create a cozy nook in the bed of a truck and go stargazing

This is such a fun, creative, and cozy idea. Also, if you don’t have your own truck, borrow a friend’s. Cover the bed of the truck tons of cozy blankets and pillows, fill a thermos with hot cider or hot chocolate, and drive out to a dark spot to look at the stars. So romantic!

22. Sing your heart out at karaoke

This is a great indoor activity that you technically don’t even have to leave the house for. Karaoke is a cool way to relax and have a goofy, fun time with friends and alone with your partner.

23. Go on a fall hike

A couple that is active together, stays together. This is the perfect date for any season but it’s especially perfect during the fall as the weather is beautiful. What about those views?!?!

24. Go shopping for Halloween costumes

This is the perfect time to laugh and have a good time. Maybe even try to find matching couples costumes.

25. Go on a hayride

This makes the perfect way to enjoy the fall views and the fall weather.

26. Attend a fall festival

This is the time to get out on the town and enjoy everything that the fall has to offer. Pick a couple and explore them with you partner.

27. Write your bucket lists

This is the perfect time to reflect on the year and look forward to the next year. A bucket list can be a source of inspiration and hope for the future and writing your bucket lists side by side with your partner can help you bond and find common interests.

28. Make homemade caramel apples

One of fall’s staple snacks.

29. Have a cute fall photoshoot

Go outside and take some cute IG worthy fall photos. Make memories that you’ll always cherish. If you’re stuck on what poses to do, hit up Pinterest for all of your fall photo session inspiration.

30. Go apple picking at an orchard

So many fall vibes while you pick apples with your love. Not only will you enjoy it in the moment, but you can have future date nights like making a pie together.

31. Have a bonfire with friends

Remember the days when you are your friends in high school and you would just laugh and be young, wild and free? Why not recreate it as an adult! It’s the perfect way to cozy up with your partner.

Fall Date Night - bonfire with friends

32. Get lost together in a corn maze

This is the perfect way to work together to get yourself out of the corn maze.

33. Take a ghost tour

If you want to get some fresh air on a moonlit night, consider taking a ghost tour. They offer a glimpse of the spooky side of a town. Keep your lover close so you can squeeze them if you get the chills.

34. Saddle up and go horseback riding

Horseback riding is one of the best fall activities for couples! What could be more sweet and romantic than riding horses through the woods side-by-side?

35. Sample the tasty offerings at a local cidery

I LOVE a great cider as I don’t drink beer. Just in my area alone we have a few cideries and I’m so excited to go bar hopping at the cideries.

36. Movie marathon under warm blankets

This is the perfect way to bond and watch the best Halloween movie ever, Hocus Pocus.

37. Rummage through an old bookstore

Discover new interests together, learn new things about your partner’s likes and dislikes, pick out books that you think each other will enjoy, and take your treasures home.

38. Go on a romantic fall getaway

Traveling as a couple is always a good idea! If you get some extra money, try going to New England and stay at a super adorable bed and breakfast. Take in all of the views and enjoy this super quaint towns New England has to offer.

39. Jump around at trampoline park

Get out of the cold and get some exercise and have some fun all at the same time.

40. Go for one last camping trip before the weather turns too cold

Summer may be peak time for camping, but early fall is a perfect time, too. Head into the wilderness for a few days while the weather is beautiful.

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Fall Date Night: More Resources

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