9 Tips to Have the Perfect Date Night

Whether it be the first date or the hundredth date, figuring out what to do to have the perfect date night is never easy. Instead of trying to figure out what to do or where to go for your next date night, keep these simple do’s and don’ts in mind to help plan out that Perfect date night.

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1. Don’t plan a date that you won’t enjoy

The point of taking someone on a date is to enjoy each others’ company and to get to know each other better.

You don’t want to have a really awful date that nobody enjoys.

Chances are your date will find you boring and not want to have a follow-up date.

I, for one, am terrified of birds. If someone had taken me to a bird sanctuary all day, I would have hated it and never gone on another date.

Make sure to get a feel for the person before taking them out. Make sure you aren’t taking them or yourself to somewhere where you know for a fact that one party will not be enjoying themselves.

2. Don’t just pick dinner

Dinner is the bare minimum.

If you do just go out for dinner, make it a place that neither one of you has been to before.

Make it a memorable experience.

Every time that you both talk about trying out a new restaurant, keep a note of it in your phone so that you always have ideas of places to go to.

Try a place with interesting views or a great atmosphere. Repetition of the same places can lead to eventual boredom in a relationship.

A few years ago, Cameron and I went to the Sugar Factory in Orlando. It was the best night because neither one of us had ever gone before and the overall experience of having their famous fishbowl drinks and watching it smoke up when they poured the liquid into it was so much fun!

Perfect date night: sugar factory Orlando. man drinking from fishbowl drink.

3. Don’t spend money for the sake of spending money

Don’t feel like you need to spend tons of money to have a great date night.

Chances are your date will be okay with just going for a walk to get ice cream or coffee as long as they get to talk and get to know you better.

For instance, I love a great night in. I love staying in my pajamas and just relaxing after working my 9-5 all week.

If you are struggling to find some unique at-home date night ideas, check out this post as it has 10 unique date nights that won’t break the bank and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

4. Don’t bring your best friend along

It may seem like a redundant point to make, but I’ve heard lots of people say that they prefer to bring a friend along to a date to break the ice or they have the intention of having a threesome or something.

The big question to me is why??? Why not just let yourself enjoy the date and get to actually know someone?

Don’t be the person to ruin the date by bringing a friend. There is a time and place to bring a friend to an outing and this is just not it.

Perfect date night: don't bring a friend
Third Wheeling at its finest

5. Do turn off your phone

Give your date your undivided attention.

Wouldn’t it suck if you were telling a story and the other person wasn’t listening because they were too busy scrolling through Twitter or Instagram?

Using your phone during a date is just plain rude.

Therefore, I advise you to just turn it off or put it on silent. Your date will go so much better if you do.

turning off phone gif

6. Do listen to when your partner seems interested in something.

Take note of sentences like, “We should totally do that sometime.”

This will actually bring you and your partner closer together because they will know that you actually paid attention to what they say.

Plus, it cuts down on those moments of the back and forth, “I don’t know, you decide.”

7. Do use Google

Google was invented as a tool for us to search things quicker.

You will literally have hundreds of ideas of things to do in an instant if you just use Google.

We Google just about everything else so why not use it to figure out your next date night?

Look up, “fun things to do in [your city]” and then ignore the 90 percent of them that are made for families that are visiting from around the country.

I searched “fun things to do in Atlanta” and the first article that popped up showed 50 things to do in Atlanta. You’d be surprised by how much is actually out there to do.

8. Do leave your house for the date

Everyone needs a change of scenery every once in a while.

If your last 3 or 4 date nights were at home, make a plan to go out for a little while. You can always come back home if you’re really missing home.

It’s important to put your relationship through different scenarios and if you’re so used to being at home, it will make the day that you do have a date night outside of the home difficult.

9. Do something silly or childish

It allows you both to throw your inhibitions to the wind and really let loose and be your true self.

Go on that roller coaster you normally wouldn’t go on.

You may be the world’s worst dancer, but if you dance, it will be a topic of conversation and will make the other person feel more comfortable.

Pretend you’re kids again and do something that will push you both to open up.

perfect date night: man and woman at disney's epcot
Enjoying our day of being kids again at Disney’s EPCOT. Can you tell I’d been drinking around the world?

Perfect Date Night: More Resources

I hope these tips help with your making your next date the perfect date night.

Also, date night doesn’t mean you need a significant other, you can have a self-care date night with yourself and be just as fulfilled. If you can’t think of anything, use these tips to help lead you in the direction of what you should do on your next self-care date day.

If you think anything should be added to this, please feel free to send me a message.

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  1. Great do’s and don’t’s. Thanks for the ideas!

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      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked them! 💜

  2. The BIGGEST one on this list: Number 5. TURN THAT THING OFF!

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      Yes!! I definitely try to turn my phone off or set it aside every day when I get home so that I can focus on the now

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