10 At-Home Date Night Ideas

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Date night is all about connecting with the person that you love, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

For quite some time, Cam and I have been in a rut because we don’t really like going out to do things. I am such a homebody and after working my 9-5 all week, all I want to do is stay home in my pajamas all day doing absolutely nothing.

I decided to change that and start bringing date night to our house. I have tried every single one of these and they are so enjoyable and have made us laugh, cry, talk, and bring us closer.

Keep in mind that all these ideas have you spending no more than $20, while most of these are absolutely free!

Here are my 10 at-home date night ideas:

1. S’mores indoors

You’ve done s’mores outside by the campfire but what about bringing it indoors and with much less of a mess? Making s’mores indoors will bring you both together to create some food and although you’re doing it around a Sterno gel can, you are still creating together.

All you need are some marshmallows, chocolate , graham crackers, some wooden or metal skewers, a Sterno gel can, a lighter, and a metal or wooden tray to put the gel can on.

Light the gel can and set up your materials to make the s’mores. Roast your marshmallow over the flame, assemble your s’more, and enjoy! Super easy and it costs less than $15!!!

Date night: S'mores indoors
Toasting a marshmallow over the gel can flame

2. Movie night outside

This is a fun thing that won’t break the bank! In April, while the weather was still cool, we decided to watch Avengers: Infinity War outside on the porch. It gave the movie a new meaning because we were able to cuddle up with some blankets outside under the stars and watch a movie. It was precious time and an experience we will never forget.

If you’re looking for an entire order of how to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe, check it out here.

3. Video game tournament

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Cam is your occasional video game player. He will pick up the sticks from time to time to play sports games like Madden, NBA 2K, and FIFA. Nothing beats focusing and trying to beat him. I can only count on one hand how many times I’ve beat him, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is fun as hell!

Other games that I think would be fun would be Mario Kart, Just Dance, Mario Party, Rock Band, and Super Smash Bros.

XBox controller on a lap while playing NBA 2K19
Enjoying a little friendly competition

4. Cook/bake together

Making dinner on a weeknight can be a rushed and stressful affair. That’s why I advise you to cook or bake together during a time when you will have no restraints. It can be a fun and nice way to reconnect. Try making something that neither one of you has made that is also hands on. Try making sushi or homemade pasta.

Creating together will help you communicate better and to get to know each other more.

5. Turn your dining room into a dining destination

Make it a theme night and theme it like your favorite restaurant, your favorite travel destination, or the place you wish you could travel to. You can either order in from that restaurant or you can cook together like in the last idea.

Date night: turn your dining room into a dining destination
How delicious and romantic!

6. Learn a new language

Have you all gone on a vacation to a foreign country? Try learning the language and recreate the days of visiting that location. Try only talking to each other after a certain time in that language and see if you can do it. You’d be surprised!

For a while, Cam and I would talk to each other in Spanish and it was super exciting and I felt like we were both learning as we went along. I am fully fluent in Spanish, but I still don’t know what some words are from time to time and talking to Cam in Spanish helps me grow my vocabulary. He’s learning as well!

7. Blanket fort and watch movie

Build something together! It forces you to be creative, communicate and to work together. Grab a bunch of blankets from around the house and come up with a way to make a blanket fort in your living room to watch a movie together. It creates an awesome ambiance and you’ll both be so proud of the work you put into making it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up laughing about something? Try it out and let me know!

8. Paint night

Here is another simple idea that won’t break the bank! I went to Dollar Tree and found that they have a ton of arts and craft supplies! They have just about everything and all just for $1!!! I grabbed some canvas’ for the two of us. I had a bunch of paint and brushes already at home from previous art projects and we had a paint night! We were able to be creative and talk and listen to music as we went along. It was awesome! It’s something that I will be doing again!

Date night: paint night

9. Dance party

Nothing beats getting your body moving and releasing endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. Next time you’re feeling like there is nothing going on, throw on some of your favorite tunes and get that sexy body moving. Even if you don’t know how to dance, don’t you worry about it! You are enjoying yourself with the person you love most in the world. Fully enjoy this moment and cut out all the outside thoughts and worries.

Date Night: Dance Party
Dance like nobody is watching

10. Create ultimate bucket list together

Nothing gets me more motivated than to make a bucket list and cross things off it. Do this with your partner. You’d be surprised what they might include on their list. Make lists of things you want to do together – long-term goals, short-term goals, and even individual goals. This opens the door for communication in your relationship and lets you know what’s going on inside the head of your partner.

Date night: More Resources

I hope you enjoyed these 10 at-home date night ideas. If you have any more that you think you might want to add to this list, please let me know and you might be featured in a future update to this post. Also, be sure to check out my top 10 self-care date day ideas and include them into your at-home date night!

Date night: 10 at-home date night ideas
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  1. I love all of these ideas! Have fun exploring and enjoying each other.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Thank you, we shall!!

  2. Cooking together is probably the biggest one we do the most often. It can be challenging, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” but it’s a great bonding time as well. And on your list you include s’mores. Who doesn’t enjoy some s’mores?!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Right??? I think that adds more fun and laughter when you start bumping into each other!

  3. Ashlee says:

    These are great ideas! We have made pizza together, but I love number 5 ima try this! Thanx!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      That’s awesome!! Let me know how it turns out! Thanks for reading and commenting 💜

  4. I loved reading this! Great ideas, and I can’t wait to try them!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Thank you so much, Leslie! Let me know how they turn out!

  5. Lori Roach says:

    What great, creative ideas! Think we will try the blanket fort this weekend. I used to make them all the time when my kids were little, but I never thought about it for Hubs and I!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Oooo!! That should be so fun! Send me pictures!! I’d love to see how it turns out!

  6. Love these ideas!
    Hubby and I have a lot of at-home date nights after the kids go to bed because we can’t afford to pay a babysitter AND go out!
    In addition to movie nights, we like to play board games/cards, listen to music and have picnics by the fireplace on the living room floor.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      There’s nothing wrong with that! You’re still getting some alone time to enjoy each other’s company. Those all sound like awesome ideas!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Yes!!! 3 and 4 are very fun, but I really wanna try that painting activity! That would be amazing.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Yes! Definitely try it out! Cameron is still thanking me for that night! Let me know how you like it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Just stumbled across your blog on Twitter and was drawn to this post! My husband and I will definitely try some of these out as alternative date nights 😀

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Thank you so much, Eliza!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Let me know how they turn out for you 💜

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