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Being a Blogger: The Harsh Reality

I have been blogging now for almost 6 months. As a result, in these six months, I have learned so much about myself and about this business. As a fairly new blogger, I have seen tons of helpful posts about setting up your blog and increasing traffic and all that jazz. I wanted to give you all some insight that most bloggers don’t tell you about.

Being a blogger in the day of social media can seem overwhelming. With these 9 simple tips, I hope you will be a success business owner! Yeah, I said it. BUSINESS OWNER! Your blog is your business and you should treat it as such.

I’m here to help you!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used and you can read my full disclosure here.

Being a Blogger: 9 things they don't tell you
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Being a Blogger: 9 things they don’t tell you

1. The work never stops

Make sure that you know this! Most bloggers go into it with the mindset that they will just have to write blogs and post them. Above all, not many people tell you that not only are you a writer, but you’re also an editor, a graphic designer, a promoter, a content creator, and so many more things.

Being a Blogger: Behind the Scenes

It never ends. Before I write a post, I have to brainstorm ideas. From those ideas, you have to sift through them and see which ones you think you will do the best. This means doing research. Researching what others’ are saying about the topic. Research what keywords to use. It’s a long process!

After researching, we move onto creating an outline for your post. For example, I use outlines so that I can stay focused on the topic and where to input my keywords that I researched into my post.

Now we write! Sometimes I find myself getting bored with a topic so I either get stuck or I move onto the next draft until I finally have a blog post that I’m confident with.

Once that blog post is written, I have to edit the text and start creating graphics to put in my post. Luckily, I have tools like Canva that help making graphic for my blog a breeze. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it.

Another great tool that I have been using has been Visme. Visme is great because I am able to create spectacular infographics and designs without skimping on the quality. It looks professional and for a starter it makes my graphic making experience super easy.

Once the graphics are placed, reviewing your blog post is next. Then, it’s publishing time.

The work doesn’t stop there. In order to get views, you have to promote. On social media, on Pinterest, by word of mouth. Whatever way you can get people to view your blog.

Lastly, make sure your post is up to date with the times. Making sure that your information is relevant is key to keep people visiting. If your information is outdated, people will not want to read it or share it with others.

2. Your mind is constantly running with ideas

If you’re anything like me, you’re always thinking of good ways to entice people to come read your blog. The important part of this, is to have content for your readers to actually read. Without content, why are you even blogging?

Right now, I have close to 20 different voice memos of different blog ideas. I have had blog ideas hit me whenever. In the shower. Watching TV. Going for a walk. At the grocery store. In the car. Literally anywhere and everywhere. I have woken up in the middle of the night because I had an idea for something for the blog.

Just last week, I was taking a shower and asked Cam to bring me my phone because I had a blog idea and didn’t want to forget it. (Thank God for waterproof phones!) Be prepared for inspiration to strike anywhere.

Some of these blog posts may never see the light of day. Some blog posts, when written, may sound like hot garbage to you and totally uninspiring. Just know, that the ideas never stop coming in.

There are also times when you have no motivation or ideas and that’s okay too, but we’ll get into that a little later.

3. Not everyone is going to make it

Honestly, what does “making it” even mean? Making it can be different for each person. For some, it means making a full time living off of their blog. For others, it means making an impact on one person’s life.

This is something that absolutely no one told me. I had an idea that this was true, but it couldn’t be more true in the blogging community. I have seen so many people start their blog and get discouraged because they aren’t getting enough views to their blog or enough likes on Instagram.

Some people are not cut out to work their butt off and not see immediate results. Blogging takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your blog. New things and updates come out every single day. It’s up to you to try to stay on top of the new and improved things in the blogging world. Being a blogger is more than a 9-5 job.

Being a Blogger: My experience

In my 6 months of blogging, I have made friends with some bloggers and not see them the next month. Most people don’t realize just how much goes into blogging. They don’t see that you wear different hats.

Once you become immersed in this world, it’s clear just how much work goes into it.

4. There are times when you have no motivation to write

It’s okay to take breaks! Some days it is a lot harder to come up with motivation to write, post or do anything.

Don’t be discouraged! You will get through this! Motivation will come!

Being a Blogger: Where to find motivation

Look back at your notes with all of your different blog post ideas. Go on Pinterest and look up some blog post ideas in your niche. Ask the blogging community if they have any idea of things they want to see. Read other blog’s and see if there was something that you might want to write about. These have all become very useful sources of inspiration for me.

Taking breaks is necessary for your mental health. It’s like working a regular 9-5. Burn out is normal from time to time and it is important to take a vacation to refresh and recharge. Taking blogging and social media breaks is necessary for you to come back fully refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things.

5. Constant DM’s from non bloggers to buy their products

I cannot even begin to tell you how many direct messages I have received from non bloggers trying to sell you a product or service. I’m not knocking the hustle, trust me. It’s just seriously annoying when every day there is a new message from a new person asking you to buy their weight loss shakes or their fitness coaching services.

It’s okay to tell these people that you are simply not interested in their product or service. Don’t simply blow them off. This will leave a bad taste in their mouth and will likely cause them to not support you anymore.

Now, if they only followed you because they wanted your business, that’s something different. I have had plenty of people follow me to get me to follow them back or to buy their product or service. When I don’t follow them back or don’t purchase their product or service, they unfollow me. This happens far too often! Don’t be that guy or girl!

Use social media for its intended purpose. TO BE SOCIAL!!! It’s crazy how many people don’t follow that rule. Be sure to engage with others in a genuine manner. Act like you’re building relationships in real life.

Check out my social media and self esteem post to read more about how I feel about social media.

6. Your family and friends will probably not support you being a blogger

Did you know that when it comes to putting in some kind of effort most of your family and friends won’t support you? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s true.

I find that it’s like pulling teeth right now as a small blogger trying to get my family to like my posts on Instagram, read my blog posts, even something as small as following my business Instagram page. It’s crazy!

I’m so grateful for the blogging community. Without them, I definitely would have given up by now. They give me the motivation to write and give me ideas of things to write about.

Most of my family and friends do not even know that I have a blog and honestly, I like it better that way! I know the way that they’re set up and if it doesn’t benefit them, don’t even bother to reach out. It’s sad to say, but it is the undeniable truth.

Being a Blogger: My truth

There are some family and friends that support me. Like my mom and dad. They like my stuff on Facebook and Instagram every time I post. My mom has been a constant source of information for my blogs. She tells me when she thinks something needs to be improved and when she thinks something did great.

Find where you fit in and try not to count on the people in your circle, unless you are writing specifically for them.

7. Being a blogger takes time

It is important to understand that blogging takes time. As I mentioned in number 1, you wear a bunch of different hats as a blogger. Giving yourself enough time to fulfill each task for each different persona of your business lowers your stress levels and makes blogging fun and not a chore.

Also, don’t knock yourself when you don’t get what you wanted to get done in the allotted amount of time. Those negative vibes will transfer over to your business and lead to lower views, lower engagement, and the eventual loss of interest by you.

When you don’t get everything you wanted done, start to think of all of the positive things you did. Use this time to reevaluate the time you give yourself for each item on your to-do list.

Don’t get mad that you don’t release a blog post one week. Be excited that you have more time to perfect your post and that you didn’t rush to throw together something to go out.

When I first started out, I would kick myself in the pants every time I didn’t have a blog post out at a certain time. It became more and more difficult to find topics to write about and I was starting to lose steam and almost at the point where I wanted to quit.

I had a health scare and that really woke up to the idea that I needed to take care of my health first. This meant that I wouldn’t stress the little things like having a blog post every week or not getting a lot of views in a day.

If you are not doing something that you enjoy doing every day, why are you even doing it?

8. You must put money in before ever seeing a profit

When I first started, I did not do any research on what needed to be done to start a blog. I just went with the first site that someone showed me and it really didn’t help me gain followers or traffic.

It made it hard for people to comment on my blog posts. It was just a disaster. All of this happened because I was trying to be cheap and not pay for anything.

If I could do it all over again, I would say that you HAVE to invest in your business. If you don’t invest in yourself and your business, what makes you think that others will?

Being a Blogger: Self Hosting

Web Hosting

Nowadays, most people know in order to make money from blogging you have to be self hosted. I am currently using SiteGround as my hosting site and I honestly love it.

About 2 months ago, I had a lot of trouble transferring my site from WordPress and my domain from GoDaddy. I used the chat feature on SiteGround so much and each time they were extremely helpful! My favorite thing was getting the same chat agent sometimes. I forgot her name, but she was extremely helpful and helped me get all of the transfers sorted out.

If you aren’t self hosting, I highly recommend using SiteGround as your hosting site. They have different options for your business type.

9. Planning

The last thing that I didn’t know when I first started blogging was the importance of planning out your content and content creating schedule. At first, I just posted things when I wanted to post them without looking up the best times to post to optimize your engagement on a post. There are certain days and times when you should be posting to each different social media site. Knowing this information will help you plan out your days.

Going into any situation prepared will help set you up for victory! This is especially true with blogging.

At the moment, I have a laptop, 2 journals, a planner, an Amazon Fire Tablet, and a bunch of pens that all go into my handy dandy backpack. These are my war weapons. They help set me up to win every single day. You never know when inspiration will strike. I take my backpack with me everywhere so that I can work from wherever.

This backpack is easily the best purchase I have ever made. It has compartments for EVERYTHING! Get one! They are super durable too.

Being a Blogger: Planning Schedule

Over the weekends, but most specifically on Sunday, I like to plan out my week. Creating my graphics for the week for Instagram. Mapping out my engagement posts for Twitter and Instagram and schedule them out on Hootsuite. I may even include some housekeeping items on my planner so that I know when I want them to be done by. Now, I have been getting in the process of creating and scheduling out pins for the week on Tailwind.

Tailwind has helped me so much by pinning for me at the times I set up for it to pin. Test it out and see if you like it! I did and it’s something that I can’t live without! Click here to try it out for a month for free.

All of these items help me plan out the week and make sure that I am setting myself up for success.

Being a Blogger: How can I help you?

Now that I have laid out a few of my struggles, what are some things that you struggle with? Let me know in the comments!

Being a Blogger: 9 things they don't tell you
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  1. All truths!! Support!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Thank you so much 💕

  2. Great tips!!! I really wish I had read this 3 months ago when I started my blog. As you mention it has been a ton more work than I anticipated … all those things they don’t tell you about.
    Also, love point #5. Social media with the random messages and people unfollowing has been eye opening.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Yes! I hadn’t seen a post like this yet, so I figured I’d write it! SO MUCH WORK!!! Social media has been very eye opening for me as well. It’s fun doing little experiments to see how they play out! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 🤗💕

  3. Everything you mentioned here is spOt on! I still have to learn a lot! There are things you mentioned here that I didn’t learned yet. This post is great for those who likes to start a blog!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Thank you! I think we all have stuff that we still need to learn! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 💕

  4. Lori Roach says:

    Jackie, thank you for this very candid and honest post! I’ve been blogging for about six months now as well, and you nailed the whole experience perfectly!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad I was able to articulate our daily struggles!

  5. You’ve made some great points there – it’s true, not every blogger will make it BUT every blogger does have the opportunity to hit their goals and dreams… they just have to put in the time, work and dedication AND be willing to continue learning throughout the process. The moment you think you know everything, you’re putting a cap on your ability to succeed.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Yes yes and yes!!! Definitely something I’ll be adding in to this post! Thanks for pointing it out!

  6. Omg this list is so accurate. It’s a very exhausting job, and that’s the thing: it is a job. And a career! When I tell someone I have a blog…it has such a negative connotation. Like people picture me knitting in my basement with an adorable online journal. No one has any idea what it takes to do this unless they are doing it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Absolutely! My family doesn’t think this is a job either. They also don’t see how much time and effort I put in a week to get things done! Let’s end the stigma of bloggers not being business owners and having a career!

      1. I’m so relieved to read this point! The whole article is seriously on point! And this point specifically has been a tough one for me. I get no support from friends or fam and it really is hard work to create useful, meaningful content, do the research and planning etc.. Thanks you for sharing! 🙂

        1. Jackie Espada says:

          I completely understand! I wish they knew more about what I do but I’m also glad they don’t know because it makes it so much more rewarding for me. Thanks for reading and commenting 💜

  7. These are all so accurate! It takes so much more time and money than I thought it would but I’m hopeful that eventually I’ll start seeing a return on all my time and hard work.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      I think we definitely will get a return. Not without some hard work, of course! Much luck to you on your blogging journey!

  8. I think support from family and friends is great – mine supports me a lot – but they don’t know how much work we put into to our blogs. They most likely thinks that it’s “”just writing and releasing” and therefore I find the blogging community crucial. I do like the challenge, though, and how many things you have to be able to do (I’ve been working on videos as my next thing, haha). Keep up the good work!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Yes! I wish more people knew just how much work we do for our blogs! Good luck to you on making videos. Thanks for reading and commenting 💕

  9. All very true and relatable. Blogging is the most fun, rewarding, and frustrating job a person could have. It takes time, effort, and a lot of patience, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This journey has taught me a lot about myself.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      I so agree with you! I’ve met so many awesome people and finally inspired to show up every day to get some work done! Thanks for reading and commenting 💕

  10. Hello, I was wondering if you’d be interested in selling my products?
    Great, great advice. Engagement with social media is a BIG one that I think many forget about.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      🤣🤣🤣 you really got me! I definitely feel like people don’t realize that social media is so important!

  11. Nicely explained!
    totally different from doing this as a “hobby” and really making it work for you!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Yes! Thank you! It’s taken some time to get here but I’m so thankful for this journey. It has taught me so much about myself. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  12. Great points. Being a blogger is a never ending job

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Yes, you are so right! Thanks for reading and commenting! 💜

  13. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this. It’s not sitting about in our PJs drinking tea and doing nothing, it’s alot of hard work and investment!

  14. This is such an insightful and awesome read. Loved it so much! (:

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it!

  15. Eunice says:

    Continue to speak through your writing! So proud of you!

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      Thank you, mom! Love you 💕

  16. I started my blog in January 2019. I was hoping to monetize it. I did several things but didn’t work out. I found myself stressing too much about blogging, traffic, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc. I have not stopped and will not stop blogging, but, I will stop stressing too much about it and just go with the flow. I love to write and that is what I am going to do. WRITE! Eventually, if I make money from it, GOOD. If not, that’s fine, too. I’m glad that you have been successful with your blogging. Keep writing. I love reading your posts.

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      I love that attitude! I have that same attitude. I don’t make that much blogging now but I have that same attitude. I love writing even if I was never that good at it in school. Don’t give up the hope. If you put in the work, good results will come from it. I’m so looking forward to your blogs!

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