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Palm Sunday

Everyone has different ways of deal with grief as mentioned by my dealing with grief blog. My grandmother is no stranger to that. Ever since the passing of my uncle, Orlando, she has been pouring herself into her craft and to God. She asked me if I could showcase her work, because she is so incredibly proud of it.
For Palm Sunday, she decorated her church with live palms and flowers and the result is absolutely amazing!

This is something that she has been doing for about 2 or 3 years. She took a break after my uncle passed away to grieve, but she is back at it and creative as ever.

Her creativity is amazing! She is currently working on making an art room for her to continue to create her beautiful masterpieces.

What is Palm Sunday?

For those that don’t know, Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter, when the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is celebrated in many Christian churches by processions in which palm fronds are carried.

As a pastor’s grandchild, Palm Sunday was always an important part of the Easter holiday. It marks the beginning of Holy Week and starts the week off in a celebratory way.

Please feel free to comment and share to let her know that her work is appreciated. Thank you all so much! 💜🤗

*Thank you so much for the outpouring of love. My grandmother is super appreciative of each and every one of you for taking the time to look at the photos and leave such loving and thoughtful comments.

The entrance to the church is framed by two large palm fronds decorated with bows of purple, white. and beige tulle.
The front of the church is decorated with multiple purple satin wrapped vases filled with small palm fronds, yellow roses, white daisies, and white Easter lilies. There are crosses that have purple satin draped from them.
Each pew is adorned with a small palm frond and a white tulle bow.
On the Lord's Table there is a small cross with a crown of thorns surrounded by brown mesh
Behind the pulpit there are some palm fronds that form a heart in front of a big cross that is draped with purple satin. The fronds are decorated with different types of small flowers in white, lavender, and yellow.
The Lord's Table also has a Bible open to a photo of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. Above the Bible is a white dove, candle, and white Easter lilies. In the middle of the Bible lies a single yellow rose.
Closer look at the baptism tank decorations
The church with the lights off

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  1. Debbie Padilla says:

    No doubt my mother in law is talented! Love her

  2. Hildy says:

    Titi the church altar looks absolutely beautiful. You are very talented. Love you always 😘😘

  3. Beautiful!! Your grandmother did amazing work!

  4. I love how she poured herself into her craft. Definitely a healthy form of copping. Tell her I said it looks beautiful. 💜

  5. Awww how lovely- she did a great job

  6. Wow, she did an amazing job. The beauty behind Psalm trees and their symbolism is no doubt a powerful message from our loving Lord. Praying for healing through her craft as God works diligently through these messages to strengthen her heart.

  7. I think above everything, I love the fact that she is so proud of her work and wanted to share it with others. It’s not being seen by just those in the church, but by all of us. What an awesome sentiment to everyone. Tell her EXCELLENT JOB. And, thank you so much for sharing this.

  8. Grandma, you did a beautiful job! I’m sure that many people appreciate this. Keep your creative juices flowing. 😍

    1. Jackie Espada says:

      She truly appreciates your words! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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